Bowel Screening Wales - Information for Carers

This booklet contains information for carers to support people making a decision to complete the bowel screening test kit.

Thanks to Amser (Welsh Government) funding, many unpaid carers in Carmarthenshire are enjoying enriching trips, experiences, and days out! 🎉 We're thrilled to provide these opportunities!

We are pleased to also extend our support for short breaks for unpaid carers in Pembrokeshire so if you’re an unpaid carer in Carmarthenshire or Pembrokeshire or know someone who could benefit, reach out to Carers Trust Crossroads West Wales at or call 0300 0200 002. Let’s make every moment count!

**Please note eligibility criteria will apply**

Adferiad - Unpaid Carers: Information, Advice & Support

Providing help and support for people with mental health, substance use, addiction and other complex needs.

Carmarthenshire Carers Information Service website can be found here.

Carers and Community Support Team website can be found here.

Pembrokeshire Carers Information and  Support Services  website can be found here.

Carers Trust


Do you Look after someone?

If you regularly care for a relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without your help, and you don’t get paid for it, you can get information and advice here 

Carers Wales

Time for me – Funded support

As an unpaid carer of an adult, you are eligible to receive 18 hours of free support provided by a local, independent care / support service (part of the directory of the Catalyst for Care project). The purpose of this support is to provide the carer with respite but present an opportunity for the cared for to reengage within the local community with support from a micro-enterprise.

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Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Service

Young Carers are children or young people aged under 18 who look after someone in their family who has an illness, a disability, poor mental health or issues with substance misuse. They may be taking on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that an adult would normally do.

Young carers aged between 16 and 25 are often called young adult carers.

Tell us you're a Carer

The practices within our cluster hold a list of those patients who are Carers and who have agreed to be on the register.  The register enables the practice to provide Carers with information on local and national support and help.  We can also arrange a referral to Social Services for a Carer’s Needs Assessment and other voluntary service agencies if required.

Within the Tywi, Taf,Together area we aim to raise awareness for the needs of Carers and to support them with practical help and information.


Carers say that access to information, financial support and breaks in caring are vital in helping them manage the impact of caring on their lives.

Our Carers Support Service provides free and confidential information, advice and support to Carers. We produce and distribute information for carers and organise regular events in partnership with other organisations.

Our regular ebulletin aims to inform Carers and the people they care for of policy issues, services, and organisations which may be of some help to them.

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In addition to the information we produce, we facilitate regular events for Carers including coffee mornings, focus groups, and annual events to mark national Carers Week in June and Carers Rights Day in November.